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I’m seriously starting to think that writing is addictive once you start. As I wrote before, I took a short break to enjoy time with family, friends, and pursue other projects, so I didn’t write for an entire month. I admit I wrote a couple days, but on the whole I ignored any writing.

I felt off for the entire time. Seriously, after years of not writing I felt like I should be doing something. And then I realized what it was. I wasn’t feeding my brain! It starved for a want to create or learn or experience something new. Once I realized that, a few mind stretching exercises had me feeling right as rain.

And that’s the thing with writing it stretches your comfort zone. It takes a lot to bare your soul to the world, which is what we as writers do.

We expose our own faults and opinions to the world, and hope that people fall in love. I think writing is the greatest addiction I could have.

Too often we seek pleasures that are no good for us, and may even be bad in the long run. Writing is the first hobby I’ve had where I didn’t feel that way. I don’t feel that telling my stories is going to be a bad influence on my life.

Tell your stories because they are yours, and they need to be told. One word at a time, one story at a time, and ignore the chaff.

Only 40 Self-Published Authors are a Success, says Amazon

For those looking to become rich and famous as an author…Don’t write for the money.

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The cat is out of the bag, finally we know exactly how many self-published authors make it big: 40.

Yes, that’s not a typo.

40 self-published authors “make money”, all the others, and they number in the hundreds of thousands, don’t. This interesting statistic, recently revealed in a New York Times article, applies to the Kindle Store, but since Amazon is in fact the largest digital publishing platform in the world, it is a safe bet that self-published authors are not doing any better elsewhere.

“Making money” here means selling more than one million e-book copies in the last five years. Yes, 40 authors have managed that, and have even gone on to establishing their own publishing house, like Meredith Wild. Her story is fully reported in the New York Times, here, and well worth pondering over.

That story reveals some further nuggets about the current…

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