Day 9 with more inspiring words!

I’m not sure what to talk about today in all honesty. It’s been a slow boring day, that I’ve had to struggle to stay awake for. I blame it on only having one cup of coffee this morning. Still, I got a bit of work done today, and I think it’s because I exercised this morning.

There’s something about getting up and moving that makes doing work easier. Our blood starts circulating, oxygenating the brain, and clearing our head. This is also a great time to do more self introspection. Like meditating on the move, it helps to plan your day.

I have a confession though, I hate working out. I know I need to do it for my health, but I hate it. If there was weight loss in a pill, I’d eat them like candy. We don’t live in such a world though, we have to do all the hard work ourselves. Feel the burn deep in our muscles.

If you practice a form of meditation that focuses on breathing, you can use those same lessons for walking. Breathing in a 4-2-4 rhythm can help you maintain a steady pace, that won’t overwork you. That means breath in for 4 seconds, hold it for 2, breath out for 4.

I find that pattern helpful for meditation and relaxing when I’m anxious.

But back to the exercise, I find this time to be my second most fulfilling part of the day. Meditation, followed by exercise, makes it so my mind and body are awake and in synch.

It doesn’t do any good to be awake and out of touch with yourself. You need to fight the brain fuzz, and create your own stimulation.

If you think about it, our brains are designed to interpret the world around us. What we see can be deceiving, same with how we feel. If you sleep well, and live a reasonably healthy life, you should not be exhausted. If you are, then you need to switch up your routine. 9

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