Day 10 of inspiring words!

Ten days in, this is proving a bit harder than I thought. Still, I’ll get through it like I have everything else I’ve survived in my life. With a stubborn resolve and bullheaded nature.

The only time people fail is when they give up. As long as you never surrender, anything is possible in this life. Everything is impossible until someone does it.  I’ll admit I tend to leap before I look, it’s part of the reason I have failed at so many things. But it’s also why I have succeeded at so much. It’s why I wrote a book, though I never thought I would. It’s why I continue to look for great stories from others, in order to remind me that life is nothing but a journey. We only get out of it what we put into it.

Pour your heart into your fears, and they’ll consume you. Pour your heart into your passion, you can burn yourself out. Pour your heart into love, and you’ll be amazed at what life brings you.

I keep talking to you guys about perspective, and there’s a reason for it. How you choose to look at any situation affects how you approach it. If you choose to look with fear in your eyes, you’re going to react with that same fear.  And that fear, is what holds you back from success.

I wrote a book, I loudly proclaim it from the mountaintops, I’m proud of my accomplishments. Some people might look at success differently than I do. I’m not a best seller, (Yet! Remember perspective!) but I’m more than happy with what I’ve done. Everyday I add to a growing word count I’ve had running in my head. Everyday I grow closer to my own personal goal. I’ve got to prepare and plan for how I’m going to celebrate when I hit my magic number, and consider what my next goal is going to be.


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