Day 13 of 90: Still going one day at a time!

Wow! Today I had an excellent lesson in personal stress, and how it affects our lives. This man I know is a wonderful man that wakes up every day wide eyed and bushy tailed. This morning that wasn’t the case.

Normally he whistles his way through the start of the day, loving life and happy as could be. He doesn’t care about your problems, because life is full of them, and you should move on from the things you can’t control. He usually brushes off the stressful questions in life, only looking to enjoy his existence.

But recent factors have increased his own stress loads, and though I’ve never seen him buckling before, I’m starting to recognize the signs. Now he’s in a relationship with a woman he can’t trust, it surrounds him in a toxic environment. He knows it’s not a healthy relationship, he admits they are bad for each other, but he feels sorry for her.

A toxic relationship is a toxic relationship. I encourage you to seek out a partner you trust, and that can trust you. That is to say, you reap what you sow, and you should keep that in mind for every situation in your life.

I myself won the lottery when I found my wife. She’s beautiful, smart, and willing to take any journey right by my side. Everyone should be so lucky.


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