Day 15 of 90 Love it when things come together.

I wrote about toxic relationships the other day, and how they make life stressful. I told you of my friend and the relationship he refuses to escape, even though he agrees it’s slowly killing him. Hopefully he’ll learn the lesson soon, and move on to bigger and better things. If not, he’ll still be my friend, because it’s the flaws and differences that make this world the great place it is.

I have a different friend that’s choosing to escape from their torment, rather than dive further into it.

It’s really indescribable, watching them start to thrive in a more supportive environment.

From sleepless nights fretting about their partner, and who they might be spending time with, to sleeping like a baby. The difference is night and day in the person’s attitude. They’re full of life, where before they would constantly be stressed. They settle into seats and relax, instead of always being on edge. They even asked me if they should write a book. I said no, she should dictate it. She’s a slow typer.

I love watching people thrive in the right environment, it’s like watching a karmic garden grow right before your very eyes. Watching their fears and anxieties melt away as they realize they don’t have to put up with anything they don’t want to.

It’s a matter of perspective though. One person’s hell is another’s nirvana. Just remember nature has a funny sense of humor.


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