Day 17 of 90: Glad to live in the time that I do.

There’s one great thing about being born in this technological age we are, I have tons of mobile tools at my disposal right now. If I truly wanted to, I could write an entire book on my phone while away from the comfort of my own home. If I didn’t like typing on my phones keyboard, I could dictate my book to my phone, and have it transcribed for me. All of this for the amazingly low price of free!

Sometimes I wonder how much different my life would have been if I had been born just 10 years later. Would I have participated more in school? I might have done my homework every night, if I hadn’t needed to write everything by hand.

I can’t help but wonder, and hope, that teachers in our society are embracing this technological age. I hope they’re encouraging their kids to go onto the computer and explore, whether it be exploring Google, or exploring their own imaginations.

I might have done some of their writing assignments if I could have typed them all out, from start to finish. No more writer’s cramp, only have to worry about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I might have done homework, I might have had better grades, and I might have gone to college. It could have changed the direction of my life!

Then again, I was a lazy student, maybe I would have complained about needing to type. I guess we’ll never know, and I’ll just have to make up for the lack of writing in my younger years now.

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