Day 20 of 90: Getting started! #ASMSG #IARTG #SupportIndieAuthors #IAN1 #Inspiration #AmEditing #AmWriting

I struggled for a moment on what to write today. I meditated upon it, and realized I can write about getting started.

You see, I struggled today because I wanted the “perfect” subject. I forgot that life isn’t always about perfection, and that you can’t always get what you want.

I know a million different kinds of writers. I know the weekend warriors that only work on Saturday and Sunday. I know the hobbyist, who writes whenever the mood strikes him. Even professional writers who write for a living. They all have one thing in common, the first draft is shit.

Now, that’s not to say that your story sucks, that’s not what I mean to imply at all. No, what I mean is no matter what you write, you’re going to have to edit it.

No story is going to be error free on the first pass, it takes time to clean it up and make sure the dots connect correctly.

I  do threerevisions on a work before I even think about letting someone, other than my wife, read it.

It’s not because I doubt my skills, but because I find errors even after I’ve cleaned them up. I know I have to write something before I can fix it, and you can’t fix what you haven’t done.

A word at a time, that’s how worlds are built. Remember that as you prepare to write your epic tale, and start putting down one word at a time.

Day 19 of 90: Forget Doubt! #SupportIndieAuthors #IARTG #ASMSG #Ian1 #Inspiration

I had a friend ask me if I think people can learn to be an author. At first, I didn’t understand the question, I mean after all, authors aren’t born with a story coming out of their ears. It takes time, experiences, and a mind to put them together.

After all, there was a time when Shakespeare was an unknown, a time when King wasn’t a household name, a time when Rowling was stuck on English welfare writing Harry Potter.

We all have a wonderful story to share, though some people do find it easier to tell. I know authors can be made, because I made myself. Years of reading and constantly striving to learn something new every day have led to the point where my collective knowledge handed me a story.

I didn’t agonize over whether or not I should write the book, was it going to be worth my while, was I going to end up losing money? I ignored my inner voices of doubt and set to work. And that’s the key to me. Anyone can learn to be an author. Anyone can find their voice for written works. Anyone can create worlds, populate them with people, and send those people on different quests. But only an author takes the time to put in the work.

Every story you read is written one word at a time, and goes through a ton of revisions before it’s complete. But you will never finish what you don’t start, and you’ll never start if you listen to doubt.