Day 25 of 90: We aren’t perfect #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #SupportIndieAuthors #Inspiration

On a roll! Haven’t missed a day yet. It might not seem like much, after all we’re not even halfway done with this, but keeping this going has really helped me get back on the right track. I’m back to meditating, eating right, and exercising everyday.

Just like a book, your life is lived one moment at a time. Every second of the day adds to your life and experiences. There’s no one like you in the world. No one has your smile, your sparkling personality, your unique perspective on life. Not a single person can tell your story the way you can.

I wrote Breath of the Titans as a way to escape boredom. I didn’t really have a plan, nor did I want one. The freedom that afforded me led to its own set of problems, but they’re problems that can be conquered with hard work and a willingness to improve.

None of us are perfect, and we’re all learning as we go. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something. That’s not to say that people aren’t experts, but that experts generally don’t work for free.

How did that person become an expert, anyways? With hard work, dedication, and an open mind that let them accept they lack knowledge. You can learn just about anything if you put your mind to it. Afterall, I learned to write books.

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