Day 27 of 90: Love being Indie #SupportIndieAuthors #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #Inspiration

There’s one thing I really love about being an independent author, each of my books can be approached in a different way.

With Breath of the Titans, I took it one day at a time. I didn’t try to plan the journey ahead, only starting with a beginning and an end, and writing until I felt the story was complete. It was a lot of hard work, but work that showed me writing can be fun. Before I started writing this series, I never would have thought of pairing my imagination with words. I consider myself a visual thinker, though I have problems drawing a straight line, forgetting how many times I’ve lost myself in my favorite hallucination put onto a page. Breath of the Titans showed me how I could translate my visual thinking to an epic journey.

With Everyone Dies At The End, I did the same thing, but it morphed over the process. As I wrote it, I slowly built a world around it, filling in parts of the story while leaving others to the reader’s imagination. The pacing was meant to be quick, light, and fun. I think I succeeded at my endeavour.

Urban Punk was a story written with my wife’s ideas. I asked her for a basic plot, characters, and then built a world around them. Every morning we would talk about where the story needed to go, and then I would write it. It was interesting trying to write a story from my wife’s head.

Journey From Atremes is one that’s been planned. A basic outline of what I want to happen in each chapter leading to the exciting culmination. An interesting way to write, I ended up having to expand the crap out of this book.

And then there’s Bedlam. Bedlam was a challenge in and of itself, trying to have shifting characters that are there for moments, but gone the next, keeping the reader a little off balance while still giving a story to read.

That’s the number one thing I like about being an independent. I don’t have to stick to one style, I don’t have to stick to one idea, I can jump around and do what I want, and they only people who will hold me accountable are my readers. I look at my writing, and I’m happy with it all. Even the parts that still need a bit of clean up.