Day 29 of 90: Feeling sick #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #SupportIndieAuthors #Inspiration

As I write this, I’m having to pause my typing to blow my nose. I’m determined to get this done the way I want to.

I almost curled up in my blankets this morning, all I wanted to do was shut the world out.  But it’s hard to get where you need to go in your journey buried under the covers.

The great thing about our technological innovations is I can sit on my bed and type away while the fever burns through me. In all honesty, this could end up being my most productive day in weeks.

Everyday you wake up and form an opinion of the world, whether you know it or not. Either you wake up willing to take what life gives you and run, or accept what life gives you and let it sour your day.

Instead of curling up and letting my sickness dominate me, I’m making my sickness work for me. I look at some of the great sports players, that have played their best games while they were sick, and see we are amazing creatures, and we’re capable  of stupendous feats even when we are at our worst.

Michael Jordan had fifty points in a basketball game, while puking his guts out, and having over a hundred degree temperature. If he can do that, then I know I can double my writing goal for today.  Two thousand words shouldn’t be too difficult, even when I have to stop every five minutes to blow my nose.


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