Day 31 of 90: #Inspiration Origin #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #SupportIndieAuthors

Where does inspiration come from? How do you start to build an entire world, populate that world with different people, express those different personalities and views all while coming from your own perspective? You live life. You go out and experience a sunset, you stop to smell the flowers. You let the wind rustle the leaves overhead, and listen to their beautiful music. Or you crank up your favorite tunes, and take the story where you will.

There’s a million different ways to draw on inspiration. Mostly it involves doing something that relaxes you, puts you in the state of mind to write and see your work be read. Some people it’s as simple as staring at videos of cats on the internet, to others it’s listening to their favorite television show while they work. Another person will drink themselves silly. The point is, relaxing. I’m not saying you can’t write under stress. Some of your best writing could come at a point of crisis specifically because you’re at a crisis. With emotions heavy in your mind, your writing may convey an aspect that you want with greater authority.

Every writer has a different way they write, a style or plan that leads to their voice coming through in their works. Like how I view mine, they are characters on a role playing board. I literally picture the old style D&D maps in my head, and plan where I want my characters to go. I plan their actions, or leave it random to the gods. The only thing I know is the general direction I want the story to go. The tone, the mood, the world should be conveyed in your writing, and it makes it easier for me to slip into old style habits.

Whatever your ritual is, it’s best for you to own it. Just as the saying goes about other people’s trash, what works for one person may not work for another.

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