Day 37 of 90: The Game #SupportIndieAuthors #ASMSG #IAN1 #IARTG #Inspiration

I keep hearing people worried about the future of publishing, and of authors in general. I’ll admit, I started writing thinking of sharing my story with the world. I planned on it being an instant hit, and me making tons of money from it. I thought a publisher would pick it up, all on the strength of the story. I wouldn’t need to do any looking, they would find me.

Now I know better. That isn’t to say that you can’t be an overnight success, or that you shouldn’t dream, quite the contrary. But even those overnight successes put in the work. They wrote the book, they planned the story, they had a plan for what they were going to do.

I’m learning that being an author is a very deliberate process. If you aren’t willing to do the work of marketing and pushing your work, or pay someone else to do it, you’re not going to make it. If you’re not going to keep writing that series you started, you’re not going to make it. In order to win this massive lottery of pop culture, you have to play the game. If you don’t, there’s no way for you to win.

Some people say they don’t want to play the game. What they don’t understand, is you’re born playing it. The moment you crawl out of your mother, your own personal game starts. It’s up to you to decide where your character goes, what kind of person you become. Are you going to look on the world with cynical eyes? Or are you going to observe with a naivety that would put Maxwell Smart to shame(Don’t know who he is, Google is an amazing tool.)


One thought on “Day 37 of 90: The Game #SupportIndieAuthors #ASMSG #IAN1 #IARTG #Inspiration

  1. I agree that authors have to be willing to do the work. Even if it’s an amazing story that uses research, personal experience, and literary devices, you still have to find the right people. Luckily, with the internet you can, but there will still be weeks in which you spend more time marketing than writing. You must love your story to love every aspect of being a writer, but you do also have to be smart and learned about the industry, and “play the game”. We have a great ability to help out others as Indie-authors, so I really enjoy seeing posts like this. Thank you!

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