Day 49 of 90: Hold your words close #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #SupportIndieAuthors #Inspiration

We’re a little over halfway through this experiment, and I think it’s working. Not only have I written this, but I’m also halfway finished with a new novella, and caught up on editing two other works.

Everyday I start writing a bit here, then move on to my story. I feel like my writing flows easier when I’m not stuck on starting. Since I have already started, that first word doesn’t hold me back.

I don’t know why, but the first word of the day is usually the hardest for me. Maybe it’s a personal stress I put on myself that makes it more difficult than it needs to be.

All I know is writing this helps. Just a few words, to get the creative juices flowing.

It makes sense, if you think about it. As you get closer to someone, more intimate and comfortable with what you are doing, the conversations flow easier. You start to get on the same page as the other person. There starts to be an unspoken communication.

That’s how I feel about the written word. I don’t know them very well, but I want to. The more time I spend with them, the easier they are to understand. So get close to your words, hold them to your chest, and don’t be afraid to get cozy. Your story will flow easier for it.

Remember, one step at a time, one word at a time. You can complete this journey.

One thought on “Day 49 of 90: Hold your words close #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #SupportIndieAuthors #Inspiration

  1. Interesting idea. There is something in it. For some people, works for verbal conversations too – if you have to go for something big like a job interview, spend some time before it just loosening up your tongue. Whatever works!

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