Day 54 of 90: Dealing with jerks

I don’t understand why some people are negative, all of the time. I can’t fathom being the kind of person that gives backhanded compliments, or speaks from two faces.

For some reason you will run into these types of people in your life. They can’t be bothered to give you positive feedback, only attempting to drag you down to their level. They get pleasure from watching you wither under their hate.

How do you deal with these people? How do you deal with someone that just wants to be an asshole/bitch/cunt/jerkwad?

I’m a firm believer of the”brush them off” method. This is typically easier if the person is a stranger.

It’s two steps, very simple. Step one, give them a bored look, filled with your utter contempt for their nonsense. Step two, realize the only way to get somewhere is to walk the journey. Realize that this asshole/cunt/bitch/twatwaffle will soon journey their out of your merry little life.

If you are in a relationship with a person acting like that, it’s a little more difficult. Talking to the other person is always a great place to start. However, sometimes even your loved ones want to make an ass of themselves. When this is the case, it is far better to move away from the abuse, than it is to suffer through it.

Admittedly, I write a lot of dark works. I focus on the negative to write a story, but that negativity only affects my characters. In my own thoughts, I’m smiling and happy, knowing I’m conquering my demons. Turning negatives to positives, another great skill you should try to master.


5 thoughts on “Day 54 of 90: Dealing with jerks

  1. Ah, negative people. The scum of negativity. I’ve met a few. Mildly negative people don’t bother me, but there have been a few that have disrupted my well-being over the past few years. I find people more anal now than they were 20 years ago.

    Walking away from them–as you say–is the easiest, but it’s not that easy if they are related. I’ve cut two individuals from my life in the past two years simply because they generated negative feelings to the point that I felt bad for feeling hate for them. I don’t hate people, I hate donairs, rap music and James Bond (fictional characters don’t count as real people). So when someone incites hate and negativity, I know it’s time to eliminate them from my circle. After a few weeks, I forget about them, and life returns to normal.

    The older I get, the easier it is to spot these jerkwads (a new word I’ll let my character use; thanks). I’m being as bold as walking away from them even before they get started. Life’s too short to deal with shitheads.

    If they are family, I grin, bear it, remain silent and change the subject or talk with someone else in the room.

    Sometimes, I just smile or giggle, and they have no idea what I’m thinking of. It messes them up, and it makes me smile more as I walk away.

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    • Exactly, I’ve been there too. I had some good friends from highschool that I had to quit hanging with, because it was just too down of a mood. I haven’t missed those people one day of my life, because I became a better person without their dragging me down.


  2. I really understand what you’re saying, and I think some people have an energy about them that starts to bring down even the most positive people. If you can choose to not be around them, I think you can improve your own attitude, but friends, family, and coworkers are another story. I have tried to help people in the past by getting them to talk through their anger or issues and offer a solution, but you can’t get everyone to listen. I like your point about being able to walk away and start on a new path. I was able to do that recently, and it was a huge change that brought positive things.

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