Day 59 of 60: Mosquito on testicles #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #SupportIndieAuthors

Someone attacked me today! That’s how you know you made it, when someone takes the time to act like they know you and try to tear you down. I always love how people can show their childish side, choosing to lash out in public forums, or behind a person’s back, rather than acting professional, and taking your concerns with someone into a one on one forum.

I, of course, did what I suggest you should do if someone attacks you. Ignore it, and let it run off like water from the shower. Just because you are an individual forging your own path, some people are going to dislike you. For no other reason than you are you, they are going to hate you.

It’s not worth worrying about their opinion, they don’t know the real you, and are only attacking aspects of themselves that they see in you. Like the bully who picks on you, because you’re a “pussy”. If you take and sock that bully in the nose, slam his head against the sidewalk, and then walk away with your head held high, he’ll tend not to pick on you for being a pussy.

I sound like I’m advocating violence, I’m not. I’m ashamed of some of the actions I took growing up, learning to master a temper that was at times overwhelming.

As an internet meme I love says, “Only when there is a mosquito on your testicles, do you learn you can solve all problems without violence.” I need to find a more gender neutral way to express this, but it’s hard to think of something that conveys exactly what this does.

Anyways, back on topic. There’s a point in your life where you learn to ignore what everyone else says about you that you know to be false. People are going to people, there’s nothing you can do to control them, except control yourself.


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