Day 70 of 90: Finishing Projects #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #SupportIndieAuthors

What a great feeling, finishing a project! I know, I’ve still got a while to go to finish this project, but the other that I started at the same time is now ready for editing. Now comes the work part of being an author.

It’s interesting, going back and reading over your own work. You see the differences a little turn of phrase may have, and how that turn of phrase will help you to better present the image you wish to. Simple changes of words can make all the difference in a story, and make the difference between a great story, and merely a good one.

I’m a firm believer in expanding your vocabulary as much as you can. The more words you use, the more you learn how to use them, come to understand when and where to use them, the greater their impact becomes.

I’m not a wordsmith like some, able to effortlessly cut to the heart of the matter while painting a beautiful scene. I’m just a man who uses the words he has, and constantly seeks to add more.

English is such an interesting language, though I may be biased as it’s the only language I ever learned to speak with any fluency. However, I have had the pleasure of traveling all around the world, and seeing the interesting ways different cultures include English into their language.

The way we paint the world around us shapes what the world becomes. Where would society be without the great works of the artists? The painters, the playwrights, even a good old fashioned book. How would we see the world without these influencers? I truly believe it would be the world I wouldn’t want to live in.


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