Day 75 of 90: Don’t Stifle Creativity #AmEditing #ASMSG #IARTG #SupportIndieAuthors #Ian1 #Inspiration

I’m nearing the end of my first draft, and I’m proud of myself. I could still be blinded by my own bias, but I didn’t find half as many mistakes as I usually do.

I love talking to other authors about their editing process. I’ve learned a hundred different methods, and I use them all.

Editing, in all honesty, is probably my least favorite part of the writing process. I know this is where  the story is fleshed out, but I still have to force myself to do it. Must be the slacker in me.  I’m very much so a dreamer, so attempting to stifle my creativity can be a difficult task.

I’ve learned not to stifle my imagination anymore. Instead, I let my mind wander, knowing it will come back to the job at hand. I think the short breaks for my mind help in the long run.

When I turn my eyes back to the work, it’s with a renewed vigor. Life is full of distractions, ones we constantly surrender ourselves to, and ones we don’t. Some of my greatest ideas come when I’m busy doing something else.

My zombie apocalypse book was written this way. I would start editing my Breath Of The Titans trilogy, and scenes would flood me. Rather than ignore them, I took the time to write them down. By the time I was finished editing, I had most of the other book done.

Point is, you never know what is going to inspire you. Don’t stifle creativity, when you can nurture it, even if you are busy editing something else.