#RileyAmosReviews taking some science fiction adventures! Part 2

Byzantium by Aswin G

I really liked the story of this book, it was reasonably paced and engaging. That being said, I found myself being pulled out of the story repeatedly by simple little errors. This could be an older version of the book, and it was never anything major, but it was just enough to annoy. Still, the story was excellent and the characters engaging. Without the errors, this would have been a 5 star easily. 3.5/5


#RileyAmosReviews taking some science fiction adventures! Part 1

Dancing with the Dead Charles Freedom Long

This book reminds me of the Honor Harrington series in some ways. An interesting read full of politics, power plays, and action. The dialogue flows well, and I didn’t see anything wrong grammatically, though admittedly grammar is not my strongest suit. Still, an excellent read if you are looking to reach high Earth orbit. 5/5