We have to start to #ChooseLove

I’m still choosing love, but I can’t help but feel anger. I chose to avoid my computer this morning, after reading a piece about the death and destruction of civilians and their property. 120 people killed in bombing by France, another 70 by my beloved US of A.

I can’t help but feel anger, as I want to believe better of my homeland. I can’t help but feel sorrow for those who may be stuck in an untenable situation. I posted a picture on social media of some of Syria’s great cities destroyed, compared to before the war.

The number of people who scream for them to go home is appalling to me. I can’t help but feel love and anger, as I hope my own family is never put in that position. I hope we are never forced from our home by extremists looking to become a medieval death cult. I don’t know why we feel such animosity towards each other, but it can be disheartening.

Still, I choose love, I live life, and I go about my day.

I ask for you with fear and anger in your hearts, look at those people, and consider if that was your best friend and his family, would you be happy? I don’t ask you to place yourself in that situation, as I know some would turn, fight, and die. Not all would die, but enough would. I ask if you would be happy for your bestfriend, because we seem to hate watching those we love be in pain. We have to stop killing each other.

I understand there’s a threat in our world, there’s a thought process taking over that calls for death to the enemy. What scares me is a lot are in my country. I wonder when the days will come that we choose to listen to one another, rather than arguing about useless shit.

Extremism is taking root everywhere, and no one is listening to each other. I miss the voices of wisdom I heard as a child, and I wonder if they will ever return. If they do, will they be listened to or ignored? As they were in their own time.

I don’t fear for the world, I believe mother nature will overcome anything man does to her, short of ripping her atmosphere away. But unless we quit murdering each other, whether in peacetime or wartime, we as a society will collapse.

Tonight I made the mistake of clicking a link again, and I watched a caregiver be shot, with both hands up, and I feel anger. Anger at a man whose life was put in danger for no reason. I feel anger because in choosing love, I have grown to not accept some things.

WE HAVE TO STOP KILLING EACH OTHER! Realize we are one people, and those who are in control seek to divide us before we become stronger. It is easier to control a divided people than it is to control a unified people

I ask you to choose love. I’ve read enough science fiction to know where this is going, I ask you to choose love. I see the horrors that lie down the path of hate, I ask you to choose love.

I don’t know how else to say it, really.

Stop killing each other and #ChoseLove

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