Just a quick philosophical question for all you writers today….

Just a quick post today, as I’m enjoying the cooler weather and my computer not overheating. I wanted to pose a simple question to you all. Is it still writer’s block if you know what you want to write?


8 thoughts on “Just a quick philosophical question for all you writers today….

    • I guess it could be that, but most of the time even as much of a slacker as I am, I tend to write to escape boredom. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it today, like if I started to put it down all the words would be in the wrong place. So, instead I’ll wait until it’s 90 degree weather over the weekend to sweat through it instead.

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      • I have these same moments, as I too write to escape boredom among other things… and even though I might know what I want to write about it, the words are all over … So, it is then that I realize I have to take a break until I can focus on what I am really trying to convey… so the answer is yes and no 🙂 Have a great day

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  1. I consider writer’s block to be that moment in every work where you know where you want the story to go, but you’re not sure how to get from A to B. So strictly speaking, if you know what you want to write, but you can’t find the right words, it’s not writer’s block, it’s a writer’s life!

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    • No, it’s even worse. I know exactly what I want to write, even the words are correct, I just can’t seem to get it onto the page. When I start to type or write it, it is gibberish. Like my fingers don’t want to type it, yet. It’s like the heat wouldn’t let my conscience flow. But it’s been a colder day, and I managedto hammer it out. Now to plan the next chapter.


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