A guest post for you all! Latent Talent by Mehreen Ahmed#SupportIndieAuthors



Desire to express oneself is innate. Whether it be a political, religious, or an artistic expression, people have always tried to connect with others through one medium or another. Prior to the written word was a long-standing oral tradition.  Much later, writing developed which added a new dimension to expression.  Undeniably, an interest in writing and developing one’s talent are always the most important pre-requisites; however, sometimes this talent resides in a latent form.  


That was me.  I never embarked on this career willfully.  Sure, I was always a spontaneous writer, vastly inspired by my natural surroundings: a raging storm, looming dark clouds, spring blossoms, tranquil or turbulent oceans.  Pleasant full moons, sunsets and sunrises, everything affected me. As a child, I would simply jot down my inner feelings of a summer’s rain or a winter’s mist. I just loved watching them. These were the initial raw stages of writing which continued for a long time.


My thoughts gradually found a home in a red diary. Most of these musings were about nature.  A description of an evening walk in autumn, sounds of the sea and the waves, sitting out on a beach on a breezy evening. Retrospectively, at this stage of my writing, I was trying to find meaningful connections with nature, which marked a clear departure from my earlier stages of unfettered inventory. I had by now started to write small compositions and short stories with nature being very much in the center. From here onwards, my diary became my greatest friend. It was a compilation of my very private thoughts, not yet meant for public consumption.


It wasn’t until much later that I wrote my first piece for publication. I was in Canada at the University of Saskatchewan. As a result, I saw snow for the first time. I could not begin to describe how thrilled I was to see the first icicle on my window pane. Inspired by what I saw, my first public piece came as a result, entitled, A Winter’s Tale, which appeared in 1987 in a notable campus newspaper called, The Sheaf. This publication was pivotal to my career as a writer. I was told by my friends that I should take writing more seriously. And I suppose I did. As my writing evolved, I ripened and started to learn about life and the human condition, in general. However, fiction was not the only area I limited myself to. I branched off to write journalistic and academic essays as well.


Since those early days of writing, I have released several books that include short stories and novels.  While I always enjoy writing, I do not publish just for pleasure.  I want to contribute something valuable. I am indebted to my society for giving me so much. It is my turn to give back a little; however, I must admit that I still get romantic thrills, a kick from natural objects which continue to inspire me to write.  I feel that I have finally found an art form where I can reflect on nature and human issues in an entertaining way.


About the author


Queensland writer, Mehreen Ahmed has been publishing since 1987. Her writing career began with journalism and academic reviews and articles.  Her latest work, Moirae, is available on Amazon.


Moirae on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYMIGTW

Website:  http://www.cosmicteapot.net

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/mehreen.ahmed.3551

Amazon author page: https://amazon.com/author/amazon.com.mehreenahmed

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