This election cycle sucked balls!

I’m not happy about the election, let me get that firmly established from the start. I thought we had shitty choices all around.

That said, we need to chill out and come together. I can’t believe the animosity and hate I keep seeing people throw at each other, close family members at that.

It’s saddening to me, watching as my country divides into a mess we created.

I don’t understand people who said Obama is the devil. Was he our greatest president ever? No, by far he was not, but was he evil? Of course not! I remember thinking throughout his entire presidency that people were crazy. Saying he’s going to set up fema camps to lock all citizens up, and things of this nature, made these people look like crackpots. I remember my liberal friends telling my conservative ones that the rhetoric they were starting would lead down a dark path. Some stopped, most didn’t, and they will consider Obama a devil until the day he dies.

All the while they were told “how they should act” because he’s our president.

Now, 8 years later and a particularly hard stretch of political theatre has those same liberals crying out, “Not my president!” and I find it confusing.

Should the conservative party fallen in line with Obama, especially after he won his second term? If you answered yes to this, then why are you protesting now?

I didn’t want President Trump, but I can’t believe the amount of people who are contradicting themselves. Why are you choosing to look at friends and neighbors with such hate in your eyes? Such animosity leads us to separate and keeps us from unifying to do what we need to do.

While I didn’t want President Trump, I hope he does well, because I’m on the ship he’s captain of.

I wrote a short piece that espouses my fear with the ending of this election.

And so our country died, with the people’s unwillingness to unify and make peace. Those shouting “Fuck Obama” didn’t start the second civil war, but they certainly started the rhetoric that lead to the assassination of President Trump.

#ChooseLove my friends, let’s heal ourselves rather than continuing to divide.


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