Blog Tour and Character Interview

This is why I love being a member of Support Indie Authors, tons of creative minds with a knack for the unpredictable. Awesome interview.


For this interview, I let Trey have the floor! He did this amazing Interview with Flitt from Missy Sheldrake’s New novel! It’s gonna be awesome!

Hey all! My name is Trey and Ember asked me to do this interview for her. I don’t know why probably because I am the sexiest, funniest guy at GTT security. *winks*

And my name is Felicity Lumine Instacia Tenacity Teeming. You can call me Flitt. I’m a Traveler fairy. That means I’m allowed to leave Kythshire on very important business that’s too secret to tell you about, so don’t ask me for details. As a matter of fact, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned Kythshire at all. Forget I said that. I’m a fairy, that’s all you need to know. Am I the main character or a supporting role? What kind of question is that? It’s a bit rude, but, well, you’re human, so you…

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