March, 8th – to all the girls and ladies from the whole world – Happy Birthday! La multi ani !

Happy International Women’s day!

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I finally got Everyone Dies At The End on Amazon. #KindleUnlimited #NewRelease

Took me long enough. I mean, I’m glad I took the time to make sure I did it right, but damn if it wasn’t more of a pain in the butt than I thought. Still, it’s available here on Amazon in Paperback (Soon-Createspace is slow.) and Kindle, and I should be finalizing the ACX stuff shortly.

I’m kinda upset at WordPress, because I can’t put a preview up for you guys like I wanted unless I pay for the site, and unfortunately I am broke as a joke. Still, I’ll provide a link, and I will be putting up tutorials and thoughts on the audio process, including having audio casts for people to listen to…Looks like it’s time to get a SoundCloud account to pair with the blog.

Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly 3/7/2017 part 3

Devil in the Countryside by Cory Barclay

Did u know when Salem witch trials in the U.S. were happening, during the same period in Europe they were out hunting werewolves?  I did not know this! Historical fiction is not something I read very much but this book was more interesting than I expected!  I think the book was well written and the author did a great job keeping me reading on and wanting to know what was going to happen next.  * I received this book from the author–This is my honest review* 4/5

Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly 3/7/2017 part 2

The Ghost Files 4: Part 2 by Apryl Bake

Love this series.  I love all the characters and this book left me wanting more.  It left us on a cliff at the end waiting for the next book which don’t come fast enough!  I want to find out what other part of Mattie we don’t know about.  I fell like these characters in this book are part of my family. I think most all of them are likable in their own way.  I can’t wait for the movie!  5/5

Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly 3/7/2017 part 1

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde

This book was great!  I was hoping by the title of this book it would be incredible!  It was!  I loved Nava and the rest of the characters were great, relatable and funny!  This book was a great time for me.  I would read more books in this series!  I think this book is one to check out.  I loved Buffy too and this book is a fun read like Buffy was fun to watch on TV.  * I received this book from the author —-this is my honest review* 5/5