So, the other authors of the #SIA tribe and I have been talking, and we’ve decided that the artists that do our book covers don’t get enough recogniction! If you are a book cover artist, and looking to get your name out a bit more, drop me a line at and we’ll see about getting some posts set up for you too! #SupportIndieAuthors #SupportIndieArtists! #SIA!!!

7 thoughts on “ARTISTS!

  1. This is a great idea. Covers are so important to readers like me, helping me identify books I love. And there is so much great cover art out there.

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      • Have you posted this recently on the Support Indie Authors GoodReads group? Some of the authors could let there people know. I just saw a cover reveal on my facebook group, I’ll message the author to see if they could have their artist check this out.

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      • I’d appreciate it, and I posted something about it but no one responded. I’ll push for it again eventually, but for now I have other projects I’m focused on. If it jump starts, awesome! if not, no skin off my back.


  2. Hello Riley,

    I’m trying to locate the link to your advertising site. I read that the books advertised require minimum of 10 reviews. My novella just recently passed the mark but I can’t find the link


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