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Man, I haven’t been able to catch a break in awhile. Spent a ton of time working on audio, because acx keeps telling me there’s something wrong with the audio. And while I went almost all winter without a cold or flu, this past 2-3 weeks have kicked my ass. Had a head cold that became a chest cold, only for it to jump back into the head before dropping back into the chest again. What a pain in the ass. All that being said, I will be posting reviews from Aly shortly. Keep being awesome, and #SupportIndieAuthors

Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth living with Aly 3/16/2017 part 2

Infinity’s Doorway by David Wind

Aaron is obsessed with finding a strange woman  after a bad car accident. This book had alternate worlds and the other side.  In a way it reminds me of Grimm the TV show lately.  They are exploring this too in the show this season. I am a little unconvinced about the romance story in the book and since I listened to this book as an audio book I would say I wish the narrator sued his pitch a little more with his voice.  I like the characters to all sounds different, they sounds a little different if I really listened but not very much.   “This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.”    3/5

Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth living with Aly 3/16/2017 part 1

Spectra by Ebony Olson

Lies, intrigue, and characters full of mystery and suspense.  This book was is a paranormal romance and I do like these type of books.  This book was just as exciting and full of magic and sex.  This book was full of many things.  I did want more at the end.  * I received this book from the author—this is my honest review*  4/5