(not for the kiddos) Yay for the holidays! A look at a new project. (not for the kiddos)

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you guys a bit of an update, and let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. Got a new laptop for Christmas (As well as a handmade quilt that will be shown off in a post from Sara.) so I’ve been writting and working furiously where I left off before my last computer blew up. Anyways, wanted to give you guys a sneak peak at something Sara and I have been working on the past few days. (Warning:Unedited work ahead. Read at your own risk.)

Chapter 16
Earl considered the woman tied to the chair before him. His demon stood behind her, telling him how to break her and make her give up the stash. Blood still covered her face where the demon ran its fingers. The demon removed its fingers from the woman, and Earl smiled as he saw the light of sanity enter her eyes. “Hello there. Do you know what you were doing an hour ago?”
She shook her head as if clearing cobwebs from it. “Darren and I, we were watching the news, getting ready to try this new drug Murphy gave him.” Earl could see her following her memories. The wheels turned traveling backwards through that night. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she smiled, remembering her  first drink of a piss yellow liquid. “The stuff tasted disgusting, but the high was worth it. We felt like gods.” Her eyes grew wide and a fearful look came over her face. “We did terrible things to some hobo that came to the house asking for help. But it felt right, as if we were meant to do it. And then things turned for the worst.” She glared at Earl, her eyes growing hard. “Can we quit talking about this. I did something horrible. I don’t want to remember.”
“I want you to remember.” He replied, an evil glint entering his eyes. The demon told him to continue pressing her. “Darren was my friend. He may have ripped me off a couple times, but he still didn’t deserve what you did to him. I want the guilt to eat you. Now tell me, where are the drugs?”
“They’re all gone, man. We did them all.” she said, struggling against her restraints.
“Quit squirming.” Earl pressed his gun to her forehead, “And don’t lie to me. Where are the drugs? I only want the opiates, you can keep the other shit.” The woman cried out in fear as the metal of the barrel stabbed painfully into her scalp. “Tell me damnit  or I’ll fucking kill you!”
“Alright, I’ll tell you, just don’t kill me.” The fear in her eyes showed her to be telling the truth. “Opiates are in the attic, hidden in the floorboards under the blue rug.”
Earl smiled, heading upstairs to claim his prize. He lifted the floorboards under the rug and realized he’d found the motherload. He was happy he’d found a car, because he was going to need it. Earl found a bag of pure white heroin and snorted a bump, just enough to take the edge off. He started moving the drugs right away, and within the hour his car was stuffed.
As Earl worked, the demon whispered instructions to him. On his last run, he stopped in Darren’s room long enough to remove the man’s head. He carried it downstairs and set it on the table to stare at the woman. “There, now you two can talk out your issues like a responsible couple.”
She started to jerk and spasm in her chair, trying to free herself. “Don’t do this to me, I didn’t do anything to you!”
“No, but you ate this man in a zombie apocalypse, and you’re not even infected.” Earl left the house as she screamed and cursed at him. He could still here her before he closed the door to the car.