Sara’s Weekly Whatever, Super Bowl IXLI Edition

Woot! Seahawks getting another world title! Woot!

So excited that the Seahawks are not only Super Bowl 49 bound, but defending champions!!


Blue : L.A. Girl Magnetic nail polish dark blue

Silver: L.A. Colors Color Craze’s Wired

Green: Naturistics Super Shine’s Leaf me alone creme (bad color choice.. more on that later)

Bracelets: same I wore last game.

Fingers all feature a unique graphic pattern.

Painted all nails with a base of silver because the green is very opaque and thin.


Index fingers: I used scotch tape to block out what I wanted green, applied two thick coats of blue.

After waiting for blue to dry, I carefully peeled away the tape, noting the thickness of the blue edge. Painted multiple coats of green, pressing brush gently against the blue border before continuing down rest of nail. Waited between coats to dry. A thick clean edge is what kept this looking nice.


L. ring & R. middle finger: kept them simple by two coats of the blue. (I wear rings on these two fingers)


L. middle & R ring fingers: painted a thick green stripe with multiple coats. Used tape to block a stripe of green slightly smaller than what was painted. Painted two layers of blue, peeled back tape to reveal a messy jagged green stripe. It was ropy, bumpy, and patchy in places, Fixed by smoothing them out with fingertip and more green to balance the stripe’s color.


Pinkies: Painted them numerous coats of green. Blocked tips with scotch tape. Applied two coats, peeled off tape when blue was dry, a good amount of green stuck to the tape, I smoothed the tips out with a fingertip, decided not to even the color and texture so left it be.


Thumbs: multiple layers of green on full nail. Blocked out pattern with strips of damp paper. Used a thick coat of blue. Removed paper strips, painted tip blue on green lateral half, making sure to be careful.


The green I used was awful. It took more layers and time than I ever care to spend on nails. Took FOREVER to dry, hope it’s just the bottle. I really DO like this color. This bottle is pretty old. Strongly disappointed. This bottle will be used Only to paint the green parts of flora (stems, leaves,etc., etc…)

My nails were fully dry when I applied the scotch tape to cover up what I wanted to remain green. I pressed gently on the tape and ,the tape was there only long enough for the blue to dry. Paper is tricky: too dry, won’t stay… too wet and it leaves stuff behind.

Having my carefully thought out design not live up to my expectations because of implementing a new “time saving tool” will NOT happen again. FUCK tape and other “special tricks. I shall continue to paint freehand and touch up edges when doing graphic designs as needed. It’s more efficient that way.