Link your WORDPRESS blog manually to Gravatar or We Won’t Find YOU!

I liked this so much, I had to reblog it! Thanks to Johannisthinking for the Info!

Footprints of Thoughts

Gravatar 2.0 - retouched Gravatar 2.0 – retouched (Photo credit: Daniel Semper)

Dear Bloggers, my Friends~

I have been visiting many Gravatar Profiles as of late in an effort to do more reading of the blogs of others. I have noticed that I am *not* able to find the WordPress link for many of you. I end up calling in the CIA and the FBI to locate you! I do not mind the extra effort that I put in to reach you, however, I learned from my own experience, and after having it pointed out to me by a fellow blogger, Steven,  that we have to MANUALLY LINK our WordPress address to the Gravatar image.  You do this by following the steps below:   (A note of encouragement to the technologically challenged, like myself, TAKE HEART, it is not difficult, because even I could do it! LOL)

PLEASE be sure to Manually LINK your WORDPRESS…

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