I finally got Everyone Dies At The End on Amazon. #KindleUnlimited #NewRelease

Took me long enough. I mean, I’m glad I took the time to make sure I did it right, but damn if it wasn’t more of a pain in the butt than I thought. Still, it’s available here on Amazon in Paperback (Soon-Createspace is slow.) and Kindle, and I should be finalizing the ACX stuff shortly.

I’m kinda upset at WordPress, because I can’t put a preview up for you guys like I wanted unless I pay for the site, and unfortunately I am broke as a joke. Still, I’ll provide a link, and I will be putting up tutorials and thoughts on the audio process, including having audio casts for people to listen to…Looks like it’s time to get a SoundCloud account to pair with the blog.

#RRBC #IARTG #BOOKBOOST #Ebkrtwt #EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd on Bigworldnetwork.com FREE AUDIO VERSION

WOOT! Release day for the first chapter! Looking forward to seeing people’s responses to it. So, if you’re interested, take the time to pop on over to BigWorldNetwork, and feel free to drop me a line about it. I have yet to meet an author who doesn’t LOVE to talk about their books!

#rrbc #iartg #bookboost @urnextbook #EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd releases March 16! #zombie #apocalypse Check it out at Bigworldnetwork


You guys tired of hearing about it yet? Well too bad, I’m not tired of talking about it! God, I can’t wait for it to start releasing! And I can’t say this enough, this WILL be rated 18+. There’s no sex….but a lot of graphic imagery and violence, and more than a few swear words. Still, every time I listen to Eliza Enea’s voice, I get chills. Remember to check it out on BigWorldNetwork starting Monday!